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The Lake Victoria Pooptank

The Pooptank Team

The Pooptank team is expansive and borderless, and comprises anyone who wishes to join in and support its mission. The Pooptank team is crafted around the 3 sanitation innovators, and includes a host, 3 panelists, and a roster of mentors whose role is to support the innovators over an 8-month period.


An interactive audience completes the team. We welcome households, businesses, toilet artisans, municipalities, ministers, investors, pit emptiers, researchers and anyone interested in Lake Victoria's water quality, to join in and be a part of the Pooptank audience. All of these stakeholders, and many more, have a role to play in Lake Victoria's lakewide inclusive sanitation system.


The Pooptank 'vehicle' itself, is an initiative of the Sanitation Innovation Fund (SIF), a US-based non-profit organisation launched in 2022. 

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Meet The Host

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Anthony Kilbride

A sanitation innovator himself, Anthony founded The Sanitation Innovation Fund and created The Pooptank in order to inject some FUN! into sanitation, and support other sanitation innovators around the World.

Meet The Panelists

Screenshot 2022-05-03 at 1.02.00 PM.png
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Sumbi Shimwambwa

Screenshot 2022-05-03 at 1.56.38 PM.png
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Linda Strande

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Kelvin Hughes

Meet The Innovators

The Pooptank’s objective is to get money and technical support into the hands of sanitation innovators who are living and working on the front lines of the global sanitation crisis. These innovators are the change-makers of the future, buzzing with ideas, passion, dynamism, optimism, and impatience.

The Pooptank exists because of them. 


The Lake Victoria Pooptank’s 3 winning sanitation innovators for the 2022-23 cohort are shown below:

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Saul Mwandosya
TANZANIA's Innovator.

Saul's innovation is to use ICT tools for smart enforcement of sanitation service providers in Mwanza. Tools include a toll free number and GPS tracking. Local stakeholders, public and private, will be involved with the innovation where appropriate.  

Read Saul's story here... 

Screenshot 2022-08-22 at 11.48.07 AM.png

Juliet Mukunde
UGANDA's Innovator.

Juliet's innovation is to harness the power of social media to affect behaviour change amongst school children who are the best agents of change. Watch this space for the art, music, and drama which will be circulated amongst the target audience.

Read Juliet's story here... 

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Carolyne Odero

Carolyne's innovation is a behaviour change campaign called "Niko Na Role"(I have a role) for school children through SWESH (School Water, Environment, Sanitation & Hygiene) clubs. 'Niko Na Role' seeks to create a sense of ownership for Lake Victoria and its troubled waters.

The Mentors roster

The Mentor's roster allows the Pooptank innovators access to Lake Victoria's sanitation experts over the entire Pooptank cycle. Mentoring provides the innovators with important technical support in order to make the most of their grant funding. Like the innovators, mentors are passionate about the vision of lakewide inclusive sanitation and its importance to Lake Victoria's water quality. All Pooptank mentors are seasoned professionals.




AJP profile pic_2018.jpeg

Andy Peal

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Nobert Oola .jpg

Nobert Oola

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Andy-Maro-Tola pp (002).jpg

Andy Maro Tola

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Beda Levira passport photo - Beda Levira.jpg

Beda Levira

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Nicola Greene

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Martine Emmanuel

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Eng. Osbert A.jpeg

Osbert Atwijukye

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Jeekesh Arora

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Alex recent - Alex Ndama.jpg

Alex Ndama

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Najib B. Lukooya

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SALIM DSC06764_edited.jpg

Salim Mayeki Shaban

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Mizamili Gadafi Jamali

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