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The Lake Victoria Pooptank

Why Lake Victoria?


Lake Victoria is threatened by a decades-old water quality crisis. The 42 million human inhabitants of Lake Victoria’s basin are dependent upon the Lake for water, food, and livelihoods. However, pollution from throughout the basin is stressing the Lake’s ability to provide these basic needs. Pollution is caused by unsustainable land management, industrial effluent, and human waste discharges from human activity all around the Lake, but especially from the sanitation hotspots of Kampala, Kisumu and Mwanza.

Nothing less than a holistic, integrated, multi-sector approach to the Lake’s environmental challenges is required, led by an ambitious vision. Lakewide Inclusive Sanitation for Lake Victoria is such a vision; to provide all people with safe sanitation, all the time. It is a vision which requires dynamism, a rejection of the status quo, and a hunger for change. It is a vision which requires an aware and engaged civil society; strong trusted institutions at local, national and regional levels; and enterprising service providers delivering safe sanitation services to customers.


Lake Victoria is in a strong position to achieve Lakewide Inclusive Sanitation due to an existing vibrant community of sanitation stakeholders. The Lake Victoria Pooptank belongs to the Lake's stakeholders, educating them, connecting them, and galvanising action around their vision for a clean Lake Victoria. 

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