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Join The Pooptank!... 

Why should I join the Pooptank?

Because you love learning about innovations in the world of sanitation.

Perhaps you are searching for innovative partners, or maybe you're just interested

in how we manage our waste.

Most of all, join The Pooptank because you believe sanitation can be FUN!


What do I need to do? 

Click on the 'Audience Registration' button below to register and receive your invitation.

Save the date, then tune in for the live show so that you can vote. Recorded shows will be available after broadcast but you will have missed the vote boat, so try and catch a live pooptank and get involved in the action! 

How can I engage with the Pooptank? 

Keep tuning in! Tell your friends! Help create the buzz! Become a mentor or a sponsor or a sanitation innovator. Just don't give up, ever. 


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