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Sponsor A Pooptank! 

Why should I sponsor A Pooptank? 

Sponsors receive global online visibility in the world's (soon to become!) premier online sanitation incubator for early-stage innovators. Sponsors join the network of innovators, mentors, thought leaders and investors, who share a passion for solving the global sanitation crisis, as well as a specific interest in the Pooptank context (e.g. Lake Victoria’s water quality).


Pooptank sponsorship is an opportunity to support sanitation innovators and entrepreneurs who are excluded from traditional funding arrangements, as well as to achieve visibility amongst a diversity of stakeholders in a specific sanitation system (e.g. Lake Victoria). 

How much sponsorship money is needed? 

The sponsorship amount depends on the Pooptank context. The Lake Victoria Pooptank 2022-23 for example, had a target budget of $24kUS, of which only $7kUS was raised. 

Is the sponsorship money tax deductible? 

Absolutely. The Sanitation Innovation Fund (SIF) has USA non-profit status (501c3) through its partnership with a US-based non-profit fiscal sponsor.

How is the money used? 

At least 60% of all funds raised by the Sanitation Innovation Fund go to straight to the innovators. The overhead is used to cover operational costs by the local host local, maintain the website, and support communications needs. All support staff (host; panelists; mentors) provide their time voluntarily. 

How is the prize money determined?  

There is no magic formula to determine the amount of money required for sanitation innovation. It depends on where the innovator is on their journey of innovation, it depends on where the innovation sits along the sanitation service chain, and it depends on the context. The Lake Victoria Pooptank prize money amounts have been carefully considered and decided upon after much consultation with sanitation innovators around Lake Victoria. There is always a risk that the amount is too low (meaning the innovator can’t innovate), or too high (meaning money goes unused or the innovator struggles with financial management). The SIF explores the question “how much does innovation cost?” over the duration of the Pooptank cycle. 

What is the risk? 

Financing for improving sanitation in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, whether counted in the hundreds or the millions of dollars, is never without risk. The Pooptank’s application process goes some way to mitigate the risk, by selecting innovators with experience and references, and by pairing each innovator with a mentor. Also, monthly check-ins will allow for some remote monitoring of use of funds. It is the responsibility of the innovator to explain how the money will be used and accounted for. The SIF will support the innovators in providing basic financial reporting. 

How is the Pooptank’s impact measured? 

It is the responsibility of the innovator to explain how the money will have impact, and to demonstrate how it has had impact. The 3 recorded Pooptanks will measure impact qualitatively, by exploring how the innovator’s specific situation has been affected by their innovation. 

How is the Pooptank inclusive? 

The Pooptank strives to be inclusive by widely publicizing the application process using its network. Basic literacy, and basic English language competency remain a formidable barrier to full inclusivity, although the Pooptank tries to overcome this by using video applications, and video reporting. 

How can I become a sponsor? 

Thanks for your interest! We would love to hear from you.

Please fill in the contact form and we will respond to you by email. 

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